Tang Soo Do Kickin’ Camp

West Elk Martial Arts Tang Soo Do announces our second annual fall “Kickin’ Camp”, to be held in Jerry’s Gym at the Crested Butte Town Hall on Monday, September 25, 2017 from 8:30 to 3:30. Children ages 7 to 12 are welcome.  No prior martial arts experience is necessary.  The cost is $45.00.  Parents are always welcome to observe class.

Wear loose clothing (not do bok) and bring lunch, hat, sun screen, and sun glasses. Weather permitting, we’ll have lunch in totem pole park.

September 25 is a Gunnison School “District Professional Development Day”.  This means no school for your children.  Kickin’ Camp helps parents and children in our community by providing a fun, safe, educational, and affordable event for the whole school day.

The class will be based on “Buddy Day”, the popular class we hold once every 12 classes in our regular curriculum.  However, we will be focusing more specifically on personal safety, defeating the bully, and basic, effective self-defense techniques.  We will be honing our tumbling and doing a bit of basic grappling.  We will also be studying the “Four Rules of Personal Safety” as presented at  The class environment will be fun and full of achievement.

For more information and to sign up, please contact Andy Tyzzer at (970) 901 7417 or  You can also register at the door.  Join us!