Moo Do Values

The study of Moo Do (martial way) can be categorized into five areas: History, Tradition, Discipline/Respect, Philosophy, and Technique.

These values are interdependent and strengthening each other.

When we apply these five Moo Do values to our daily training we strengthen our selves not only as Tang Soo Do practitioners, but also as individuals who provide a positive influence within our society.

# Value Korean Literal translation
1 History Yuk Sa Yuk – taking part, experience
Sa – History, Recording
2 Tradition Jun Tong Jun – transmit
Tong – govern
3 Discipline and Respect Ki Khang / Jon Kyong Ki Khang – principle, rule ethics
Jon Kyung – respect, high regard
4 Philosophy Chul Huk Chul – sagacious, bright
Hak – learn, study
5 Technique Ki Sool Ki – skill
Sool – artifice